MulensModel.satelliteskycoord module

class MulensModel.satelliteskycoord.SatelliteSkyCoord(ephemerides_file, satellite=None)

Bases: object

An object that gives the Astropy.SkyCoord of satellite for a given epoch based on an ephemerides file.

Keywords :
ephemerides_file: str

path to file with satellite ephemerides from JPL horizons, for examples see data/ephemeris_files/Spitzer_ephemeris_01.dat or data/ephemeris_files/K2_ephemeris_01.dat

satellite: str, optional

Just the name of the satellite.

Attributes :
satellite: str

name of the satellite


Calculate the coordinates of the satellite for given times using cubic interpolation. The epheris provided is extrapolated up to 3 minutes beyond the range provided.

Parameters :
times: np.ndarray or list of floats

Epochs for which satellite coordinates will be calculated.

Returns :
satellite_skycoord: Astropy.coordinates.SkyCoord

SkyCoord for satellite at epochs times.