MulensModel.mulensobjects.source module

class MulensModel.mulensobjects.source.Source(distance=None, pi_S=None, angular_radius=None, limb_darkening=None)

Bases: object

Physical properties of a source (background) star.

Attributes :

limb_darkening: LimbDarkeningCoeffs

Limb darkening coefficients of the source.

property distance


The distance to the source. May be set as a float. The distance should either be given in pc, or if no unit is given, the value is assumed to be kpc (u.kpc).

property pi_S


The parallax to the source in millarcseconds. May be set as a float. If no units are specified, assumes milliarcseconds (u.mas).

property angular_radius


Angular radius of the source. May be set as a float. If units are not specified, assumed to be microarcseconds (u.mas).